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What's in a name?

Are you wondering how to pronounce Adroit? Or what it means? This post will answer all your questions! It is pronounced it /əˈdroit/, or in simpler terms, it rhymes with Detroit. Adroit is an adjective meaning “clever or skillful using the hands or mind”. We thought it was the perfect word to describe how we organize and design.

For the clever part, we always use what you already have in your house in new or clever ways. That might mean repurposing a shipping box for medicines, or a finding a new and intuitive way to organize your clothes. As a business that helps declutter, when we design, we don’t believe we have any business in bringing unpurposeful things into your home.The skill part comes in when we find the perfect pieces for you and your lifestyle, whether it’s a whole room of furniture or some small organizational pieces.

You probably could have guessed it, but the interiors part of our name means that we work with interiors. We plan your space to make it the most practical for your unique needs, then we move on to help source additional pieces to create a functional and beautiful space.

We are unique in that we are part interior design, part organization. And, we are all ready to work with you to curate your space!

So now you know, and you can impress your friends by dropping the word adroit in a sentence next time you see them. “That barista is so adroit at making lattes quickly!”, “I love that adroit way you organize your closet!”, etc. etc. You see what we mean? Pretty cool if you ask us!


Michela and Jasmine


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